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The unstoppable rise of protein

Here’s a nice little read in the Guardian from Johanna Derry about our most favourite nutrient Protein. 

Protein boxes. Protein shakes. Protein waffles, pancakes, salads. Not since the Atkins Diet has protein been so idolised. Like the comeback of a well-loved boy band, the nutrient has had a makeover and returns, presented to us as an ingredient in its own right.

It doesn’t tell us more than we already know, but it’s nice to see a growth in non-industry media talking about protein, especially as it does talking about the need of protein unlike a range of other dietary trends that have, do and will always happen.

High-street food chains including Pret a Manger and Pod are now placing the nutrient rather than the ingredient centre-stage…The chain has had an Egg and Spinach Protein Pot and a Veggie Sushi Protein Pot on sale since 2013, at least giving you an idea of what the source of the nutrient might be. This isn’t the case elsewhere, where the nutrient is far more important than the food containing it.

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