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If you think you are sensitive to gluten or you have celiac disease, think twice about drinking coffee.  New research has shown that many other foods can ‘cross react’ with gluten, creating similar inflammatory effects in the intestine to non-gluten foods.  If you are avoiding gluten containing grains and you still drink coffee, there is a strong likelihood that coffee is triggering the same intestinal inflammatory response that you are trying to avoid.  This includes decaf coffee as well.

Other Cross-Reactive Foods

In addition to coffee, many other foods can cross-react with gluten.  According to Cyrex laboratories, the following foods can irritate the intestines and cause inflammation in gluten-sensitive people:

Cow’s Milk

Casein (the protein found in dairy products)


Milk, Butyrophilin

Whey protein

Milk Chocolate





Testing for Cross – Reactivity

Is it possible to be gluten sensitive and not react to coffee?  Yes.  How can you find out?  A clinical immunology laboratory called Cyrex Laboratories offers a variety of testing including gluten intolerance panels, intestinal permeability, and specialized autoimmunity panels.  If you are avoiding gluten containing foods yet you still have digestive issues, headaches, joint pains, or other autoimmune disease and you don’t feel 100%, taking this test could highlight other foods you need to avoid.  Cross-reactive foods may be the issue.

Healing the Gut

Avoiding inflammatory foods is only part of the solution.  The gut lining needs to be healed otherwise inflammation can still exist.  Working with a naturopathic doctor or other qualified practitioner to ensure that your gut heals effectively is a necessary component of resolving leaky gut issues, autoimmune diseases and overall inflammation in the body.

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Gluten Issues or Celiac? Don’t Drink That Coffee!

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