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Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a leading researcher in naturopathic medicine. In 1978 he co-founded the prestigious Bastyr University where Dr. Neal received her 4 year Doctor degree in naturopathic medicine. Dr. Pizzorno was recently featured in an article featuring critical research he has done on the importance of treating toxicity for overall health. Click here for more details on the importance of detoxification.

Dr. Julie has also written on the issue of toxicity in several previous BNH blog posts. Here are some of the recommendations she has included in the past. For more, read the full blog post…

"More than ever, it is important to adopt lifestyles that minimize exposure as well as stimulate the body’s ability to eliminate toxicity. It is important not only to use chemical-free body care and cleaning products but also to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. To remove toxicity:

Optimize blood and lymphatic circulation: Daily movement increases blood and lymph which helps remove toxicity from the surrounding tissue.

Support proper liver and kidney function: Nutrition and herbs can support the processing and removal of toxicity via the liver and kidney. This prevents recirculation and storage of toxins.

Repair the gut Many toxins originate from the GI often by permeating the gut barrier and finding their way into the blood stream. Protein putrification, dysbiosis, microbial overgrowth etc. can also be issues. Proper breakdown, absorption and elimination via the gut is crucial for proper detoxification.

Stimulate intra-cellular detoxification function: For cells to properly function, their ability to detoxify must be efficient. Nutrition, minerals and other natural substances can improve intra-cellular detoxification. Healthy cells, healthy tissues, healthy organs, healthy body!

Detox your mind!!: Our thoughts can be sources of toxins! Being true to ourselves and appreciative of life can help us be healthy and happy, enjoying all that life has to offer."

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