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Celebrating our finest creations: BioPro & Spark

Milestone 4: Our finest creations!

Our final week of b’day celebrations pays tribute to our finest creations: BioPro & Spark!

After much tasting, testing, mixing and researching we developed two of Australia’s most unique products; a bio-fermented, sprouted, brown rice protein isolate that sure to impress anyone looking for a powerful alternative to whey and Australia’s first all natural, vegan friendly pre-workout that won’t make you feel like your head will explode. 

BioPro is an incredible product — we’re very proud of it’s excellent digestibility & absorption rate along with its knack of avoiding any allergy set-offs, leading it to be the main contender to whey for the number one spot of rich protein sources. Take a look at the nutritional panel to fully appreciate the goodness within: zero sugar, zero fat, zero sodium and a high 90% protein level. Along with a complete amino acid profile this power-packed plant based protein has a long digestibility rate that provides a good source of nutrition to your body for more than two hours after consumption and doesn’t have the same bloaty-ness that whey can sometimes have. It’s a true force to be reckoned with! 

Spark, where to start! We decided to offer Australia’s first all natural pre-workout which is formulated using real ingredients that work. A carefully considered blend of amino acids are put together in the perfect ratio to enhance your next performance and intensify your workouts. Spark was created in the search of a natural alternative to the common pre workouts found in most supplements stores, which we believe are poisoning people with synthetic additives, banned stimulants and toxic ingredients you can’t even pronounce. We’ve managed to make a product that is completely natural and packs a punch without making you feel like your brain will explode! 

Thanks for celebrating with us, this has been a incredible journey and we’re very much appreciated to have you all along with us!


Milestone 3: Packaging

The design & development of our new labels marked the start of a new era. PSA had a face. A personality. A brand!

They were no longer just labels that told you what was inside but a chance to communicate our messages and our attitude. PSA stands against any unwanted nasties, artificial additives and banned substances and these new labels told that story along with showing who were really were — and still are — the cleanest nutrition on the planet! All natural without the crap. 


Milestone 2: Warehouse

The next landmark we hit was evolving out of the garage and into a new, shiny big warehouse! Things started to get serious and we were really shaking up the industry. New products, new location, new staff — it was all growing.

Customers were really taking to our brand values and we really saw traction with the messages we were sending out. 


Milestone 1: First steps

So as we said, four stella offers each week of Feb to celebrate our fourth year bringing you the cleanest nutrition on the planet!!

To start, we’re offering 20% off our very first products — these were our very first steps! These two lines were the defining moment of PSA and are still defining who we are today! Our Whey Protein Isolate Fast Release (WPI) is our number one top seller of all time and makes us proud as punch to see it still as popular as day dot!

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