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Cinnamon Caramel Protein Tart

Here’s a fantastic Cinnamon Caramel Protein Tart with great Paleo options.

I make another one similar to this and posted the recipe in March.  It’s a Banana Caramel Fudge Tart. My boys and their mates couldn’t get enough of that one. I’ve made a lot with the protein powder as well, I love how it balances out the macronutrients profile and makes it a more complete and balanced meal or snack. Protein helps to lower the effects of the carbohydrates as well and cinnamon is great for balancing out insulin. The addition of coconut and coconut oil which is known for it’s metabolism boosting power there’s no need to feel guilty about snacking on this ooey gooey sweet treat. And I mean lets admit it, who doesn’t like thick, creamy, gooey, fudgy,  caramelly treats.


Use almonds or walnuts instead of the oats in the base and cashews in the filling instead of the oat flour. If the mixture in sticky enough after blending then don’t add the honey or coconut oil.


If using fresh medjool dates you won’t need as many as they are always much larger than the packaged dried ones.

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