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Spring arrived early this year in Colorado, and with the gorgeous blooms comes allergy season.  Many of my patients this month have complained of runny nose, watery eyes, and of course, sneezing.  Fortunately, natural medicine has many remedies that can help you get relief fast.  For those with more severe allergy symptoms, a natural allergy supplement may be indicated.  

Stop the Sniffles with Local Honey

Honey is believed to prevent symptoms of hayfever and seasonal allergies.  When bees pollinate and make honey, they collect allergens from flowers, trees and other plants.  This leaves traces of those allergens in their honey.  Eating local honey may work like an allergy shot, exposing you to small amounts of allergens and helping your body build immunity towards environmental triggers.  Look for local honey at your local farmer’s market.  

Green Tea Can Alleviate Allergies

Did you know that drinking green tea can help alleviate your allergies?  Green tea contains antioxidant compounds, one specifically called Epigallocetechin gallate (EGCG) which has been shown to reduce histamine reactions in the body and prevent hayfever symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing.  EGCG is found in black and oolong tea, however green tea has much higher concentrations.

Omega 3 Oils Can Reduce Allergic Inflammation

Omega 3 oils found in fish oil or cod liver oil can be extremely helpful for reducing allergies because of their potent anti-inflammatory effect.  Omega 3 oils have a systemic effect on the body and can reduce both allergic and cardiovascular inflammation.  I like cod liver oil because it contains extra vitamin A and vitamin D for added immune support.

Vitamin C Heals Hayfever

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can have a dramatic effect on reducing allergy symptoms including hayfever and asthma.  You can get vitamin C from citrus fruits, brussel sprouts, broccoli, collard greens, cabbage, tomato and canteloupe.  


Bioflavonoids (Vitamin P) For Allergies

Bioflavonoids are a class of red, yellow, orange and blue pigments in plants known in medicine for their antioxidant properties in the body.  Bioflavonoids were once called vitamin P due to their effect on vascular permeability.  The most well-known bioflavonoid used for allergies in Quercetin, which has an anti-histamine effect.  Quercetin can be purchased at the Boulder Natural Health clinic. 

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