Acy-hydroxyl Modified phospholipids

You have come to the right place! Boulder Natural Health is a naturopathic medical clinic specializing in natural health solutions for women, men and children in Boulder, Colorado.

Naturopathic medicine can successfully treat most acute and chronic health conditions.  The goal of treatment is different from conventional medical care because the focus is treating the underlying cause of disease and not just the symptoms.

“Palliation therapy only goes so far.  In time, the symptoms usually come back or the disease process becomes more advanced.  When you address the underlying dysfunction in the body and restore the biochemical balance to all organ systems, symptoms resolve on their own,” said Dr. Julieanne Neal, a naturopathic doctor / naturopath in Boulder, Colorado, and the owner of Boulder Natural Health.

Dr. Neal’s therapeutic approach is tailored to the individual. She will work with you to create a health plan that fits your lifestyle and promotes your optimal health long-term.

“My job as a naturopath is to educate and empower my patients with greater knowledge and better health choices so they can live to their fullest potential.  Teaching and promoting healthy lifestyle habits is the foundation of my practice.” 

Below is a list of some of the most common conditions treated at Boulder Natural Health.  Click on the conditions below to learn more about our naturopathic approach.

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