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Lecithin Used For Smearing

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Has a higher viscosity, in the lubrication, stripping and other applications more, is a natural, safe additives.

Product Description

This product is Lecithin Used For Smearing, Phosphatidylcholine content of not less than 30%,The main ingredient is soy lecithin and soybean oil, Yellow brown viscous liquid, Readily dispersible in water to form a stable emulsion, Is a good oil-in-water (O / W) emulsifier.

Application scope

For cosmetics, can promote the decomposition of toxins, through the liver, kidney excretion, but also increase the heme.

Storage method;

For Health food, Promote cell growth; regulate blood lipids; Jiannaoyizhi; prevention and treatment of fatty liver; anti-aging and other physiological functions;
For Pharmaceutical products, mainly used for entrapping the drug in liposomes or emulsifying agents of; for fatty liver disease, senile dementia drugs or raw materials;

Sealed, dark, moisture-proof packaging, placed in a cool, dry place to save.

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