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Feed Emulsifier—Emulsified phospholipid oil RLP50

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Product description

Emulsified phospholipid oil is the hydroxylated modified phospholipid oil, which is produced by edible grade process, and a good high energy oil, which is characterized by instant, emulsification and fluidity.

Applied in feed, it can be used in combination with protein or other fat-soluble nutrients to promote absorption each other.

Advantages of product application

1   ordinary emulsified oil is a physical process, the difference is that emulsified phospholipids oil RLP50 is a kind of organic chemical catalytic conversion process, high conversion rate and stable, is a real instant, emulsified oil;

2   on the normal temperature, emulsified phospholipids oil RLP50 has low viscosity,equivalent to soybean oil at low temperature. Iit is widely used in fields of spray oil, emulsification, baking and lubrication., As a kind of natural oils and fats, in the production practice ,emulsified phospholipids oil RLP50 may be the alternative product, greatly reduce the cost.

3  Compared with a single oil, emulsified phospholipid oil RLP50 can improve the solubility and increase the stability of fat in specific application. Improve flexibility, moisturize, and improve mastication.

Promote the water solubility of fat and improve the combination of starch, water and fat.Regulate the structure of blood fat and fat to improve the vitality of the body.

Quality Index


Acetone insoluble

Viscosity (25 )

Water content

Acid value









Storage method

Sealed, dark, moisture-proof packaging, placed in a cool, dry place to save.

Shelf life

 temperature (25 ) 12 months


200 kg net drums

Liquid bag

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