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Emulsified Lecithin powder

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Product Description

1 Emulsified Lecithin powder, The main ingredients include: Water-soluble modified soy lecithin、Puffed corn flour,Pale yellow to golden yellow solid powder, Good liquidity, Easy to add, Provide choline, inositol, phosphoric acid and other nutrients, Improve the nutritional value of feed, is a high quality energy feed.

2 Greatly improve the appearance of, Can improve the palatability of feed, improve feed intake, improve economic efficiency.

3 Emulsifying phospholipids feed powder, Water soluble phospholipids fat component, The feed is more easily absorbed in livestock and fisheries, Thereby increasing utilization, After the emulsion was added and the powder feed phospholipids, Feed can be extended in the digestive tract absorption time, Feed nutrients can be fully digested and absorbed.

4、Emulsifying phospholipids feed powder, Good emulsifying properties, Promote the absorption of protein and other fat-soluble nutrients in livestock and poultry, aquatic feed,To improve the comprehensive utilization of the feed.


   1 Nutritional

Provides energy and nutrients essential for biological substances,For animal growth and development is very important, Is the ideal nutrient supplements for feed production.

   2 Emulsifying properties

Compared with the common phospholipid feed powder, the emulsifying performance is obviously improved, Conducive to animal fat and fat-soluble vitamins digestion and absorption, Thereby improving the digestibility of nutrients and improving feed efficiency.

   3 Mobility

Modified soybean lecithin at room temperature than ordinary concentrated lecithin, better mobility, Lighter color, Corresponding to the powder feed emulsifying phospholipids, Good dispersion, Easy to use, look better product appearance.

   4 Palatability

Emulsified phospholipid feed powder modified phospholipid main components through post-treatment deodorant, palatability increased, increased appetite.

Product Description

Product specifications

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Crude protein

Water content

Ash   content

Crude fiber

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Use method

Directly into the mixer, with other feed ingredients fully mixed evenly Packing: 40 kg / bag

Shelf life: room temperature (25 ℃) 6 months

Storage conditions: placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place, to avoid direct sunlight

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