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Complexed lecithin feed powder

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Product description

Phospholipids are fresh and high functional.This concentrated soybean phospholipids are used for the product after thin film vacuum

evaporation, quenching process, and compared the processing of technology with the traditional oil intermittent hydration, oil foot intermittent evaporation, the Complexed lecithin feed powder has significant characteristics:

(1)  the oxidative decomposition of phospholipids is low and the phospholipids have high physiological activity.

(2)  low acid value of the product (maximum 14mgKOH/g), and the FFA is extremely low;

(3) the product smells good and has the special aroma of soybean phospholipids (the traditional intermittent hydration and concentrated products are mostly sour and soap);

(4) golden color, good dispersibility and strong phosphatide emulsification ability;

(5) the carrier is expanded maize, good for the mouth and easy for animals to digest and absorb.

Product Description

1 appearance

     Light yellow powder or tan powder,good dispersibility,the natural flvor of soybean phosphatide and corn,the granularity of 20-30 items.

2 Physical and chemical indexes


Phospholipid content

Crude protein


Water content

Ash   content







Use method

It is added directly to various feeds as premix.

The young animals are 4-8%, the growth of livestock are 2-4%, the species (adult) are 1-2%, and the fish are 4-8%.Or use 1.55 times substitute soy oil and other fats in the feed.

Packing: 25kg/plastic woven bags or 40 kg /plastic woven bags

Shelf life: temperature (25 ) 12 months

Storage conditions: placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place, to avoid direct sunlight

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