Lecithin is a natural nutritional health food, mainly found in the cells of animals and plants, it is the main component of biological cell membrane. The more contents in the body of animals are Cardiohepatic kidney bone marrow and egg etc.;The contents of the plants are more concentrated in the oil plant seed, such as the content of phospholipids in the soybean seeds is 1.2% - 3.2%, the content of the peanut phospholipids 0.44% - 0.63%, so pure lecithin is obtain mainly from the beans and beans products. At present the market circulation of goods soy lecithin is the use of advanced extraction, degumming and low temperature refined process derived from soybeans derived from pure yellow (or brown) powder. Soybean phospholipids are soy in addition to protein, fat, the third part of the nutrients, the main components: lecithin, brain phospholipids, inositol phospholipids, which are essential nutrients the body. By scientific research departments, human brain tissue dry matter is about 40% is composed of phospholipids. In the cell composition of the human body, phospholipids are indispensable substances. Meanwhile, phospholipids or the human body to obtain trace elements (P) the main source.

1. Nutritional Care Function of Lecithin

1.1 on the human body has a regulation of metabolism, enhance physical function

The human body in high-intensity physical activity and large exercise movement, muscle cells since the lecithin information transfer and material transfer function to obtain the necessary nutrients and energy and exclude the body of metabolites, in this physiological cycle, the lecithin will be a lot of decomposition and consumption, this time have to add enough lecithin to keep human muscle can continue to get energy and nutrition. This is because lecithin is one of the important components of cells, lecithin can effectively enhance cell function, improve cell metabolism, enhance the ability of cells to eliminate lipid peroxidation, timely supply of human energy required. This is main reason why after eating lecithin will obviously feel energetic, relax= tireless. At present, western countries demonstrated that lecithin has significant action

in improving marathon, swimming and other endurance sports achievement .

1.2 Eliminate brain fatigue and improve the function of human memory

Lecithin have a high nutritional value, it can not only supply the human body to glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid, choline and amino alcohol and other ingredients, and its heat close to fat, is the health food products in the very vitality. The proportion of Lecithin in the human brain is about 30%, and they bear the important work of information transmission in human intelligence activities. Lecithin are the main source of choline and inositol in the human body. Choline can be fed into the brain with the blood circulation. Under the action of acetylation enzyme in the human body, it can reflect the acetylcholine’s in the human body and produce acetylcholine. , Thereby improving the body's ability to respond, memory and intelligence levels. Lecithin can increase the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain, acetylcholine plays an excited role in the brain cells, so the number of acetylcholine in the brain, memory, thinking the formation of the faster, so that people can maintain plenty of energy and good memory. Generally, normal people have about 50% of the brain lecithin, the human body for a long time with the brain thinking or in a state of tension, the consumption of lecithin will be significantly increased, this time if not timely supplement the amount of lecithin food, keep work over time, the body's memory will decline, become forgetfulness. In addition, the brain phospholipids in the brain nerve tissue content is also higher, can promote the activation of nerve cells, enhance brain function. In the human life chemistry material, energy, information transformation, cannot participate without phospholipids. Thus, phospholipids are known as "switches" that initiate life information. The same time as the above-"Large doses of lecithin can improve the memory and aging brain cell viability of the elderly, especially for children who are growing and growing," said by pharmacist Isla Erning, president of the International Lecithin Society. In the study of medical science and technology personnel such as Dr. Safford and Dr. Baume. Had more than 200 elderly people daily quantitative replenishment of lecithin food. Two months later, the test results showed that these people were less than 50% less than the memory loss before the non-edible lecithin. American medical experts have shown that: the number of students who eat lecithin, the memory increase 25% before eating. The same time as the above-The body into the elderly after the state, Blood choline content will be significantly reduced, so add the amount of lecithin food, the neurasthenia, with brain fatigue, memory loss and senile dementia and other symptoms of prevention and treatment has a significant role in the auxiliary effect. For example, medical experts offer lecithin food to patients with senile dementia for several months, the results are which many people significantly improved memory, so soy lecithin is the preferred nutrition and health food for the elderly. And for athletes, that is, the body in the movement of the performance of the power, speed, endurance, sensitivity, flexibility. The body movement need to consume a lot of energy, especially sportsmen in the fierce competition to win, not only to carry out hard training, and must have a reasonable balance of nutrition as a strong backing, so the athletes to add soy lecithin and animal liver , Ribs, egg products, all kinds and beans products, walnuts and peanuts and other rich foods containing phospholipids is necessary, which children's own brain development, intellectual development and sensitive skills athletes to improve athletic ability and adult Athletes training results, game results, physical recovery after the game and many other aspects are of great significance.

In particular, the scope of illicit drugs is now expanding, Drug testing technology is more scientific, so the use of soybean lecithin for sports health care products to improve athletic ability is worth exploring.

Therefore, for students, seniors, mental workers, intellectuals and sensitive skill athletes, you can  though supplement the lecithin food to eliminate brain fatigue, mental stress, improve memory, attention, IQ level and physical fitness.

1.3 to reduce human blood cholesterol, regulate blood lipids, prevent atherosclerosis function

The molecular structure of lecithin contains a hydrophilic phospholipid group and a lipophilic fatty acid group, so that it allows the lipid to bind to the water and act as an emulsifier. Lecithin of this excellent oil and water affinity, can dissolve the blood and the wall of the fat-soluble substances on the triglycerides and cholesterol lumps, making it into small particles, increase blood flow and permeability, reduce blood viscosity , So that it successfully through the cell metabolism to exclude the body, thereby reducing fat deposition in the blood vessel wall caused by atherosclerosis. Lecithin rich in non-spore and fatty acids can block the small intestine on the absorption of cholesterol, promote cholesterol excretion. At the same time lecithin is also the main component of lipoprotein (HDL), in the cholesterol transport, decomposition, excretion process plays a "scavenger" role. A large number of medical studies have proved. Increase the body's lecithin content, can be used to reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides, effectively prevent atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

German medical researchers have been observed in the soldier. 20 million people eat every day with high cholesterol diet. But also eat a certain amount of lecithin, a year and a half later, in this part of the crowd not only did not occur blood cholesterol, and most people's blood cholesterol is also slightly lower, indicating that lecithin lipid-lowering effect is obviously.

1.4 protect the human liver, the prevention and treatment of fatty liver function

Phospholipids in the body of fat metabolism has an important role, if the body lack of choline, it will affect the fat metabolism, resulting in accumulation of fat in the liver, the gradual formation of fatty liver, a lot of fat accumulation, in addition to affecting the liver normal Physiological function play, but also cause liver cell rupture, connective tissue enhancement, and then cause liver sclerosis, lecithin foods contain more choline ingredients, the human body enough to eat lecithin can not only prevent fatty liver, but also Promote liver cell regeneration. Lecithin can reduce serum cholesterol levels, contribute to the recovery of liver function, for the prevention and treatment of liver cirrhosis has a good effect of adjuvant. Lecithin regulation of blood lipid function, the prevention and treatment of fatty liver, liver protection and excessive drinking caused by chronic liver disease also has a good control effect.

1.5 control gallstones function

Gallstones refers to the body's biliary stones are formed, gallstones are cholesterol, bile pigment, calcium salt and other components of the ball, hard as a stone, can cause severe abdominal pain. Yellow, directly related to the health of the human body. The main components of bile in the gallbladder are cholic acid, cholesterol and phospholipids. When the body bile phospholipid content is too low, it will cause gallbladder cholesterol precipitation, and the gradual formation of stones, so people often eat enough of phospholipid-rich foods, not only to prevent the formation of gallstones, but also to have been formed Stone part of the dissolved, so that the gallbladder to restore normal physiological function.  

1.6 prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in elderly function

Lecithin released in the human body is another component of phosphoric acid, phosphate and calcium in the human body can form calcium phosphate, is conducive to the growth of human bone, so the elderly often eat enough of rich in phospholipid food, can promote calcium absorption and utilization, improvement and prevention of osteoporosis in the elderly.

1.7 The function of prevention and treatment of Keshan disease

Keshan disease is occurred in the northeast of China, southwest poor mountainous areas, with heart necrosis, myocardial damage caused by the main features of local cardiomyopathy. in the study of Keshan disease found that patients with low levels of phospholipid intake in the diet, but also one of the main causes of disease, patients perennial live a serious partial eclipse life, especially long-term partial eclipse of corn, the necessary membrane-derived substances (LDL) increased, and it was closely related to the damage of cardiovascular, tissue aging and cholesterol deposition, and the content of total low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in the patients was significantly lower than that in the control group , By medical experts and the famous phospholipid experts in Keshan ward investigation and demonstration: to prove that phospholipids on the prevention and treatment of Keshan disease has a therapeutic effect.

1.8 on the body's bodybuilding, fitness function

Lecithin in the human body can produce fat degradation factor, let the fat of body dissolved, oxidized, decomposed in vitro, to avoid accumulation of residual fat in the skin, to adjust the weight.

Lecithin is a "natural antidote", but also the way that material exchange between human cell and the outside world, the body has enough lecithin can promote the body of toxins through the liver, kidney, but also increase the hemoglobin, the skin has sufficient of the water and oxygen supply, so that the body cells to obtain adequate nutrition, contribute to the development and regeneration of skin cells to achieve the purpose of fitness, fitness.

It is understood that weightlifting, fitness and other sports athletes, in order to maintain weight, often in the first half of the race began to reduce the amount of water, not knowing the lack of water in the human body should be the most harmful way. Phospholipids have good control of body weight, fitness function, if given weightlifting athletes appropriate amount of lecithin and rich in lecithin food, that is, because of lack of water in the body and detrimental to health, but also can control the weight, fitness without affecting Entry results, is expected to receive both the ideal effect, worthy of study.

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