By chemical and enzymatic treatment, lecithin will enhance its emulsification in the water system characteristics and dispersion, as several kinds of natural emulsifier in an important, in the baking food is widely used.


Dough conditioning and texture improving agent lecithin will increase the toughness of the dough, its hydrophilic characteristics and make it in the process of flour hydration to increase the viscosity of the dough; it can also improve the chemical fermentation of processed products texture, and ultimately improve the product Symmetry, volume, granularity, surface appearance and texture. In the quick-frozen dough can protect the yeast, increase the volume, is conducive to dough extrusion, to extend the processing period. In the system of cake, you can increase the flexibility, smooth, rolling, to prevent rupture. In the cake it will produce a more detailed uniform particle structure, and open the air cavity to reduce the product can prevent the generation of cavity and reduce the hardness of the product. In the cookie to increase the mixing, diffusion, improve the appearance and color of the product. Dosage: 0.25% ~ 1% powder base.


Emulsified, soft preservative lecithin molecules have a phosphorus-containing polar groups, with amylose can form a mixture of inclusion bodies, the polar group and the whole molecule than monoglycerides and so easy to spread in the water. This feature gives it a high degree of emulsification and gas holding water.


It also prevents the dryness of the epidermis by preventing the evaporation of moisture from the product during storage, preventing dryness, and extending shelf life. In bread, pastries, increase viscosity, improve the structure of the aggregate, keep the air to increase the volume, giving the product a better softness and shelf life. In the biscuits have a decentralized effect, to improve the absorption of water, enhance the crisp, reduce the dry. In the chocolate in the role of emulsification, to prevent the accumulation of particles and sugar out. Dosage: 0.75% ~ 1% powder base.


Extrusion, stripping and antioxidant lecithin can increase the lubricity of extended food. It increases the throughput of the product from the processing machine and reduces the time of removal, without reducing the density of the product, which can significantly reduce the time required to clean the cutter. Can increase the finished texture, so that the structure is more refined, softer. In the pan and aerosol stripping products, only low content of lecithin, can reduce the heat of food, more effectively used for those who do not need to surface black products. In the cake, candy with a demoulding effect, so easy to separate from the heater to prevent coke paste carbonization. In the fried food, can prevent the oxidation of vitamin A and is conducive to the preservation of vitamin E, and has the role of splashing agent. Increase lubricity in low-fat foods and increase yield. Dosage: 2% to 3% oil base.

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