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  • Modified Lecithin
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Top Products
  • Lecithin Concentrate

    Lecithin Concentrate

    It was used to purify the phospholipid in ethanol, and the product had a greater effect in the food sector.

  • Purified Transparent Liquid Lecithin

    Purified Transparent Liquid Lecithin

    It is created through an centrifugal separation and filtration process that ensures highly purified transparent lecithin.

  • Stand Liquid Lecithin

    Stand Liquid Lecithin

    It is a naturally occurring mixture of phospholipids combined with smaller amounts of other lipids.

  • Hydrated Phospholipids

    Hydrated Phospholipids

    Hydrated phospholipids have low acid value,low flavor,and in particular is readily soluble in water. Natural and Safe.

  • Lecithin Used For Smearing

    Lecithin Used For Smearing

    Has a higher viscosity, in the lubrication, stripping and other applications more, is a natural, safe additives.

  • Emulsifier Lecithin Oil

    Emulsifier Lecithin Oil

    Have low flavor,low viscosity for easy-in-handling,are well suited for spary applications or used as optimized oils.